Garden Pond

Water Gardens are a balanced ecosystem, which incorporate aquatic plants and ornamental fish.  Water Gardens are designed to complement the natural environment.  A  biological filter, rocks, beneficial bacteria, and a skimmer will complete your backyard water-scape and give you a long lasting pond.

How it works:

  • The biological filter creates the base of the waterfalls.  It removes harmful debris and uses beneficial bacteria to colonize and filter the water, which helps keep the water clear. 
  • Rocks help reduce pond maintenance by allowing bacteria to colonize.  This process also helps filter and purify the water.
  • Plants and fish also help keep the water clean and are needed to balance your ecosystem.  Not only do plants provide shade, which helps keep the water cooler and reduces algae growth,  but they also help absorb nutrients.
  • The skimmer, which is connected to the pump intake, pulls dirt, pollen, floating algae, and leaves in to the filtration system.
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